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How to get to Bethany from the Northway in 10 steps !
1. Approach from the Northway.  When you pass over the Bann River (to your left), before you come to the traffic lights there will be a slipway to your left.
2. This will take you into Mill Avenue. (You will see the  Irwin Shopping Mall off to your right). Go straight  through the traffic lights (if they are green !) and continue down to the junction.
3. At the junction there will be three options. (The left lane will take you off into Castle Street. The far right lane will take you into the town).
Take the middle lane, and continue to the traffic lights.
4. You will see the Bann Bridge from the traffic lights. Continue -
5. Over the bridge (Bridge Street) until you come to
6. A mini-roundabout. Take the road to the right - (Carrickblacker Road). Continue along this road until you come to
7. A junction, and immediately facing you will be another
8. Mini-roundabout.
Again, take the road to the right, (the Gilford Road)
As you continue down the Gilford Road, you will pass three roads on your right, (Edenderry Gardens, Wildwood & Springfield). You will see a Filling Station on your left, and immediately there will be a fourth road into your right.
This road is called The Laurels. Take this road, and on your left, you will PASS two turn-offs to the left. You will come immediately into Levaghery Gardens, and you will see 

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