Do Free Presbyterians Hate Roman Catholics ?

Free Presbyterians do not hate Roman Catholics as individuals. It is the system of Roman Catholicism, which blinds people to the truth of the Gospel, that we oppose.

Free Presbyterians have a longing in their hearts to see all men and women come to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and this includes Roman Catholics. If we hated them, this would not be the case !

Dr Paisley has spear-headed a campaign to distribute Gospel Literature and CD's to Roman Catholic priests all over Ireland, in a desire to win them for  Jesus Christ. It is a deep love for the souls of these people that is the motivating factor for this effort. Of course, the media, (and others who oppose the Free Presbyterian Church),  will attempt to paint a different picture.

On the other hand, of course, this does not mean that we take part in services with Roman Catholics. The system of the mass, the confessional, the elevation of Mary, purgatory,  are just a few things that are nowhere to be found  in the Bible. As Free Presbyterians, we cannot condone nor take part with such  false teaching.

But please, do not confuse the opposing of a system with the hating of a person ! Any true follower of the Lord Jesus Christ will have a deep desire to see souls saved and won for Him, no matter what their background or creed.

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