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Our mission and purpose for having this website is very clear and simple. 

The following are some of our aims:

  • First, and foremost to  lift up the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that all Glory and Honour may be unto Him, and Him alone 
  • Preaching the "old fashioned" Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ 
  • Lovingly, yet faithfully, telling men and women of a Heaven to gain and a hell to shun
  • Faithfully holding up the Lord Jesus Christ  as the ONLY way to Heaven, through repentance and faith in Him
  • Bringing the Good News that the alcoholic can be sober, that the drug addict can be set free, that the immoral can be made holy, that broken homes and lives can be mended, that there IS a Balm in Gilead, Who can save the sin-sick soul - and His Name is the Lord Jesus Christ
  • Warning of the Return of our Lord Jesus Christ, and of Judgement  to come
  • Defending the Precious Name of the Lord Jesus Christ from the attacks  of modernists who deny the Power of God , and the reality of salvation - those   who seek to contradict the Bible, and who deny the Trinity,  the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ, His Virgin Birth and Bodily Resurrection      
  • Exposing the  dangers of the Ecumenical Movement, and the World Council of Churches, as they seek to unite with Rome
  • Encouraging Christians in their daily walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. To give them spiritual food  that will help and bless them
  • Entreating backsliders to return to their first love. Only then, can they be truly satisfied
¦ About Us ¦ Our Minister ¦ Our History ¦ Our Purpose ¦

Motto Text

".. always abounding in the work of the Lord..." 1Cor15:58

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