The Reach

THE REACH......  The Reach WHAT IS IT?

The Reach is Youth Ministry of Bethany Free Presbyterian Church Portadown. It compliments the ongoing work of the Youth Fellowship and Sunday Bible Class.

Reach Group 1

The Reach runs every Saturday Night (September – May) at Bethany Free Presbyterian Church Hall. Doors open at 7.30 and activities run through to 10.00. The Reach is open to everyone who is of junior high school age or above.


The Reach is organised by a committee of six people who are appointed by the session of the church, appointed leader in charge is Mr Philip Hartin who  also holds office within the main church committee. They are supported by a large group of volunteers who operate on a rotational system. All of our volunteers are trusting in Jesus Christ as their Saviour and have a burden that the young people who attend The Reach have this same faith. A substantial number of these volunteers have first aid and/or Child Protection training.


General Activities

Reach Group 2On an average night between 30 & 60 young people attend the group and take part in a variety of activities including: table tennis, snooker, pool, play station, darts & air-hockey.

Every second weekend we hire a sports hall for football and uni-hock, we also have ongoing projects with arts and crafts and have tournaments with prizes on a regular basis.  

Challenge Time

Each week we have a short praise and challenge time where we look at issues that affect young people, from a biblical perspective. It is our desire that through these meetings young people will put their faith and trust in Christ Jesus as their Saviour.

Outings Reach Group 3

From time to time those who have attended an allocated number of nights in a period will be taken on a special trip away. We have recently been to Dundonald Ice Skating & 10 pin bowling, outdoor laser -gun pursuits (skirmishing) & planet fun theme park


Motto Text

".. always abounding in the work of the Lord..." 1Cor15:58

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