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The Bible says, in Proverbs  29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish…..”

So it’s a good thing for people to have vision !

It is vital for a Church to have vision. Where do the Sunday school teachers, ministers, missionaries, Christian workers of the future come from ? Today’s youth ! Thus, it is vital to build up young Christians in their faith, to encourage them, and to give them direction, all done through the Word of God, the Bible.

This is the important function which the Youth Fellowship in Bethany provides.

Stephen Cassells is the Youth Fellowship leader, (he also holds office within the main Church Committee).

Stephen  has been greatly encouraged this past three or so years to see a great growth in the Fellowship. From only a  handful of young people some years ago, it has now grown to 35-40 young people coming regularly, every Friday.

Youth Room 1
God's Word Is Expounded


The youth fellowship takes place at Bethany, on a Friday night, at 8.15pm. The Youth Fellowship have a room all for themselves !

As you can see from the photos, the main part is where the Word of God is set forth, but there is also an area at the side, where the young people can relax afterwards and have some Christian fellowship together.

Youth Room 2
Recreation Area At Far Side


There is singing of choruses, there are testimonies, and quizzes, with the young people taking part in all of the meeting.

Most importantly, the Word of God is brought before the young people, and they are taught various truths from the Bible. This is to help them to grow spiritually, and learn, and to be built up in their faith.

This, of course, is the central theme, mission and purpose of the Youth Fellowship. Then , afterwards,  (as already mentioned), the young people can fellowship together, and relax with one another.

Once a month, an outing is usually arranged, and in the summer holidays, a weekend away is also planned and also a summer bar-b-que. 

The young people also help in outreach. There are usually open air meetings in the summer, and one around Christmas time. Some also help out with giving out invitations to those coming into Church, (to forthcoming special services, such as the Family Night Service).

They also have projects, such as the “Bottle Fund,” where money is saved, and given towards a worthy cause, such as the ”Every Home Crusade.”

Last year the “Bottle Fund” raised £800, and the Youth Fellowship were able to purchase items for the newly refurbished Church Building. 

Youth Room 3
Remember Now Thy Creator

If you are 11 years old and upwards (ie 1st year at Junior High), you are heartily invited to come along every Friday to the Youth Fellowship.

You will be made warmly welcome, and Youth Fellowship leader, Stephen Cassells and the others will be thrilled to see you there.   

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".. always abounding in the work of the Lord..." 1Cor15:58

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